Lexington City Hall

LOCATION: Lexington, Kentucky

SIZE: 335,000 SQ FT / 4 stories

FEATURES: New police headquarters with adjacent +800-space parking garage, iconic Council Chamber addition, open office plan

CLIENT: CRM Companies

TYPE: Expansion / Renovation

SUMMARY: As part of a public-private partnership, EOP designed a concept for a new Lexington City Hall on Midland Avenue, a major gateway into downtown, for developer CRM Companies. The concept reuses and invigorates the four-story Herald-Leader building adding a new police headquarters and +800-space parking garage on the east end with an iconic Council Chamber addition on the west. The project would consolidate all city employees from five locations into this single building that features multiple amenities in an open plan. This location is a perfect complement to Town Branch Trail, which is under construction along Midland Avenue.