Kentucky Children’s Hospital Teen Lounge

LOCATION: Lexington, Kentucky


CLIENT: Kentucky Children's Hospital

TYPE: Renovation

SUMMARY: At just under 400 square feet, this small space packs a big punch. The Kentucky Children’s Hospital is a hub of bustling activity, which can be stressful and disorienting for patients and families of patients receiving care. To combat this, EOP was tasked with creating a space that gives kids back a bit of normalcy. Tucked away from the main circulation corridor, the lounge uses comfortable seating to invite children to put their feet up and incorporates a myriad of technology for an escape from treatment. Users are able to play a variety of console video games, check out tablets or other devices, and use a 3D printer. The space breathes new life into a tile mosaic created by KCH patients in memory of Makenna Davis through the Davis Foundation.