CMTA, Inc.

LOCATION: Lexington, KY

SIZE: 17,850 SQ FT


TYPE: Renovation

SUMMARY: The goal for CMTA’s Lexington office renovation was to create a dynamic and inclusive work environment for their 77 employees. The new location would see majority of the staff occupying the sixth floor while the rest of the staff occupied the fifth floor. Integration and collaboration between the two floors were paramount in the design brief. The existing site presented the challenges of a large commercial space and deep internal pockets with curved glass exterior walls. Initially, it provided no access to external views or natural light. Our design solution was to place executive offices along the curved sides of the building. Glass walls at these offices allow for the natural daylight to filter into the internal core of the space lighting the open office workstations. The fifth floor features a large conference room that serves as the company’s main meeting space for staff meetings. The sixth floor features a game room equipped with an e-sports lounge and ping-pong table. Splitting the amenities between each floor allows for cross-pollination of staff. Design details include bright white walls, natural, clear-stained oak wood tones, and pops of green, orange, and blue colors that reflect the company’s brand identity. The design intent moves towards a modern office design approach, with clean lines and subtle curves.