AppHarvest Headquarters & Event Kitchen

LOCATION: Lexington, Kentucky

SIZE: 8,230 SQ FT (main offices) / 4,900 (marketing suite) SQ FT / 4,800 SQ FT (event kitchen)

CLIENT: AppHarvest

TYPE: Renovation

SUMMARY: AppHarvest strives to create a difference through innovative farming techniques and a fun, fresh approach to health. Because of these values, it was important to incorporate an energetic and simple approach to create a fun open-office atmosphere. By peeling back the interiors to reveal decades-old brick and concrete and incorporating large, open windows to admit plentiful daylight, the offices feel approachable and open to employees and visitors alike. Natural materials like plywood and neutral colors allow for the greenery and colors of the produce to act as accents and bring an organic life into the space.