Alpha Delta Pi

LOCATION: University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky

SIZE: 15,520 SQ FT

FEATURES: Full-service kitchen, study, bedroom addition, interior renovation.

CLIENT: Alpha Delta Pi

TYPE: Renovation / Addition

SUMMARY: Originally constructed in 1949, EOP completed the first major renovation of the Alpha Delta Pi house on the University of Kentucky campus. In order to keep up with the new construction sorority houses on campus, EOP completed a full renovation of the house, added of a full-service kitchen, a study, a four bedroom addition, replaced all windows, and completed renovated the interior including restrooms. The interior renovation includes reworking of the original floor plan to allow for a larger chapter room/dining room with an adjacent kitchen on the first floor, an enlarged director’s suite, and provides a bedroom fully equipped for ADA use, and fully renovated restrooms, laundry, and bedrooms on the first and second floors. Basement renovation consists of renovating the existing bathroom, laundry room, and craft room. The house originally housed 40 members, and with the renovation houses 53 members. The interior design is custom to the ADPi brand, with upscale traditional finishes. Exterior work includes a new coping cap and all new roofing, all new windows, doors, shutters, new sidewalks and landscaping, new outdoor portico and patios, replacement of existing entry terrace, and maintaining the existing entry colonnade.