The Manchester Hotel

LOCATION: Lexington, Kentucky

SIZE: 70,000 SQ FT

FEATURES: Rooftop bar, two restaurants, outdoor patio seating

CLIENT: Lifehouse Hotels

TYPE: New Construction

AWARDS: Gold Key Awards, Best New Upscale Hotel, Lobby Upscale, and Guestroom Upscale, 2023

SUMMARY: Inspired by Kentucky’s historic architecture and the glamour of extravagant Derby parties that Lexington is known for, The Manchester captures the charm of equestrian society. The 125-room hotel is the first major new construction in Lexington’s historic Distillery District in nearly 100 years. Featuring a lobby bar and a high-end restaurant on the ground level and a rooftop bar with open terrace on the seventh floor, the building captures the social nature of historic hotels and takes it to a new level. The brick exterior consists of two brick colors—a dark red base at the ground level, and a lighter brick as the upper mass. The darker brick is also included as a vertical mass at elevators, referencing the vintage smokestacks common at historic Kentucky distilleries. The façades feature multiple panels of intricate brick patterning and corbeling at windows and doors. These create intricate shadowing patterns that change constantly throughout the day as the sun moves across the building. Arched windows extend above to the second floor to create dramatic height at the building base. Large 8’-foot windows at each of the guest rooms include traditional mullions and provide optimal viewing of downtown Lexington and the new Town Branch Park. A trellis covered alley terrace, located between the existing neighboring one-story structure, provides additional outdoor dining space.