Kentucky State Capitol Annex

LOCATION: Frankfort, KY

SIZE: 301,349 SQ FT

CLIENT: Commonwealth of Kentucky

TYPE: Historic Preservation, Feasibility Study

SUMMARY: Kentucky’s Capitol Annex Building houses the offices for the Kentucky General Assembly Members and their Staff. All Senators, Representatives, Clerks and Support Staff, as well as the majority of the Legislative Research Commission staff and directors work side by side in this 350,000 GSF building built in 1953. The building contains the Legislative Committee Meeting Rooms and is, therefore, a place for the participation in the Legislative Process, The goals of the project include the redesign and expansion of public areas, circulation, the creation of accessible entrances and security screening rooms. All building infrastructure systems are to be replaced as well as the redesign of the offices, meeting rooms and restroom facilities. The long-term vision for the building requires that it remain operational as the seat of government during the construction period and for generations to come.