Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center – Mental Health Memphis

LOCATION: Memphis, Tennessee

SIZE: 5,200 SQ FT

CLIENT: Veterans Affairs

TYPE: Renovation

SUMMARY: Research has proved that specific programs, services and interior environments in a healthcare facility can enhance healing. EOP created a healing environment for VAMC Memphis Outpatient Mental Health through a number of physical and environmental factors including color theory/principles, therapeutic artwork, furnishings and finishes. The 4,600 sq ft renovation of the 1st floor in Building 5 for Outpatient Mental Health provides spaces for mental health services, a psychological rehabilitation and recovery clinic, suicide prevention center and mental health and administrative offices. Also the team designed and built a 1,400 sq ft deductive alternate renovation of the corridors including the removal and replacement of the exterior storefront within the space, architectural interiors, mechanical, electrical and communication systems. The security basis of design is in progress and will be further defined during subsequent phases.