St. Claire HealthCare Urgent Care Outpatient Clinic

LOCATION: Morehead, Kentucky

SIZE: 5,000 SQ FT

FEATURES: Outpatient Physical Therapy, Occupational Medicine, and Urgent Care

CLIENT: St. Claire HealthCare

TYPE: New Construction

SUMMARY: Urgent treatment centers are a cost-effective alternative to emergency rooms that provide high-quality care and less wait times. EOP’s goal for St. Claire is to enhance the experience of the patient care environment. This has been achieved through a comfortable, living room-like waiting area influenced by hospitality design trends. The clinic incorporates warm, earthy, energetic colors, materials, and textures to connect with St. Claire’s mission to proclaim God’s goodness through a healing ministry, exemplified through the sunrise that graces the hills of Morehead and eastern Kentucky every morning. Equally important is creating the connection to personal wellbeing for the St. Claire HealthCare patients. The Urgent Care Clinic includes a physical therapy gym, a central nurses’ station, a breakroom for staff with floor-to-ceiling windows, and six private exam rooms.