Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts Emergency Services

LOCATION: Louisville, Kentucky

SIZE: 60,000 SQ FT

FEATURES: Emergency restoration services for front- and back-of-house areas; barrel vault ceiling; brick cleaning and flooring

CLIENT: Commonwealth of Kentucky / Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts

TYPE: Emergency Restoration Services

SUMMARY: When the copper roof at the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts burned, over 60 firefighters spent hours putting out the flames at the storied performance space in downtown Louisville. The third-alarm fire caused millions in damage, and the Commonwealth selected EOP Architects for its emergency renovations. EOP is leading the renovations that include restoring the barrel vault ceiling with sound-absorbing plaster, new flooring and lighting, back- and front-of-house area refurbishments. The center is the home of local arts companies including PNC Broadway in Louisville, Kentucky Opera, Louisville Ballet, Louisville Orchestra and StageOne Family Theatre.