Morehead State University Mignon Complex Renovation

LOCATION: Morehead, Kentucky

SIZE: West Mignon Hall: 42,000 SQ FT / 202 beds / 4 stories; Mignon Hall: 55,000 SQ FT / 6 stories / 300 beds

FEATURES: Transformation of lobby into study area and lounge with kitchen/bar, improved outdoor plazas, new flooring, elevator upgrades, roof replacement, masonry repairs with brick replacement, IT upgrades, window replacement, ADA accessibility, mechanical upgrades and exterior drainage

CLIENT: Morehead State University

TYPE: Renovation

SUMMARY: Built in the early 1960's, the Mignon Residential Complex was technologically outdated, spatially inefficient and aesthetically lackluster. EOP reinvigorated the residential complex by creating common areas that foster collaboration and enthusiasm. Features include new entrance vestibules and canopy structures, new roof top mechanical equipment, repair of concrete columns and beams, and replacement of existing precast concrete wall panels with new masonry veneer.