Confucius Institute at Lucille Little Library

LOCATION: Lexington, Kentucky

SIZE: 6,100 SQ FT / 1 story

FEATURES: Large multi-purpose room, calligraphy and craft room, high-tech computer room, classrooms and administration space.

CLIENT: Confucius Institute / University of Kentucky

TYPE: Renovation

SUMMARY: The design for the Confucius Institute draws inspiration from elements of Chinese culture, landscape and traditions. The project includes a complete renovation of the first floor in the Lucille C. Little Library at the University of Kentucky. Walk-through gallery space takes the visitor on a tour of the history and culture of China, while instructors teach traditional language classes, calligraphy, Chinese crafts and culture classes.

“I believe the new space of our Confucius Institute will play an important role in the internationalization of the university. It will become the flagship of all Confucius Institutes not only in the US but also the world!”

Xu Lin, Counselor

State Council of the People’s Republic of China