School Board Names Newest Elementary After Brenda Cowan

LEXINGTON, Ky., Feb. 26, 2019 — The Fayette County Public Schools’ board voted unanimously to name its newest elementary school after Brenda Cowan, Lexington’s first black female firefighter who was felled in the line of duty as she and other firefighters responded to a domestic violence call. The EOP-designed school, which is the largest elementary ever built in Fayette County, is set to open in August 2019.

EOP’s design for the new school increases capacity from 650 to 750 for the first time in Lexington schools. Sited on 26 acres, the school consists of two academic wings spreading out from a main entry that includes administration areas, gymnasium, cafeteria and media center. A separate preschool play area complements the larger play area and soccer field.

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