Paris-Bourbon County Library Nears Completion

PARIS, Ky., November 30, 2015 — More than a century ago, Andrew Carnegie envisioned libraries would bring books and information to all people. One of the greatest challenges his libraries face is to meet the needs of a 21st-century user with a 19th-century facility. EOP’s renovation of the Paris-Bourbon County Public Library returns it to its former glory but adds wireless connectivity throughout, abundant natural light in a flexible and unified space for increased library programming.

The Herald-Leader writes about the renovation which replaces an incongruous addition (seen below) with the modern addition. For more photos of the library, click here to read the Herald-Leader article. The link features a video of Mark Adler, library director, and Harding Dowell, EOP’s project manager.



Paris After Photo WORK Full Size
The modern addition replaces the incongruous addition from the 1980s.